11/02/15 Newsletter

 Upcoming computer-based tests in March-April 2015

The 3 reasoning tests (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning) for: – Assistants in the field of Parliamentary work,

– Administrators in the field of Data Protection,

– Assistants in the field of Information and Communication Technology,

   – Lawyer linguists (‘Parliamentary/Council’ channel).

Secretaries and clerks will have to try and obtain one of the best scores at the 5 admission tests comprising the 3 reasoning tests and the 2 professional skills (Prioritising & Organising and Accuracy & Precision).

To be sucessful, we offer you tools that help you prepare: our book packs, our online course packs and our online test packs.

 Intensive courses

Our intensive training is a one-day course to prepare for the admission tests.

For each test, our trainer will explain the methodology, that you will have the opportunity to practise with a test which will then be corrected with detailed explanations.

For secretaries and clerks:

Register now for our SC training:

– in Luxembourg, on February 28th, in English and in French;

– in Brussels, on March 6th, in English and in French.

– in Brussels, on March 7th, in English and in French.

 Please note that this training is also suitable for all candidates preparing for the 3 reasoning tests.

 If you cannot attend these trainings, you could choose our online training courses with our 3-reasoning-test online course pack and our SC online course pack.

 Preparing for SC’s specific tests

Can you answer 40 questions in 6 minutes?

Can’t you? Yet, this is the challenge you will have to face in the next AST/SC competition.

The Accuracy and Precision test is one of the scariest tests for candidates. The rules are simple though: compare the information in two tables and spot the possible errors (spelling mistakes, digit inversions, inadequate symbols…). The difficulty lies in the time constraint – you have on average 9 seconds per question! And failing this test is not an option: the Accuracy and Precision test represents more than a third of the global score.

The Prioritising and Organising test also counts for another third of the global score. In this test, do not get confused with schedules, train timetables or hotel bookings. You’d better be prepared for it!

Do you want to be successful in these tests? Our book covers both tests. It will teach you to spot quickly the information, to make the best choices and to manage your stress efficiently.

Benefit from our preferential rate on this book! Reduced from €39 to €30 until March 15th only!

 The first European Careers Forum in Paris 

The first European Careers Forum will be organised in Paris on March 28th, 2015. Institutions, universities and institutes preparing for European competitions will be present in this Forum to give information on EU competitions, traineeships and opportunities related to EU institutions. The Forum is aimed at both students and young professionnals. For more information and to register for the information sessions and attend the discussion panels, please visit the CIDJ website

ORSEU Competitions will be there too. Come and say hello!