Abstract reasoning: is the test getting harder and harder?

Until 2015, you may have reached high marks in the abstract reasoning test of EPSO competitions. However, since then, it’s been a nightmare: you no longer see anything and you can hardly reach 50% of correct answers. What has happened since 2015? Have test creators invented new logical sequences? Do elements go through new transformations?

Actually, none of these happened. The logical sequences and the transformations remained the same. However, some rules have changed. Until 2015, the abstract reasoning test could be classified into two types of questions: the series with logical sequences and the series with instructions. Now, you have to take into account another type of questions: the mixed series.

What is a mixed series? It is a question combining logical sequences and instructions. Here is an example:

From the 5 options A, B, C, D and E, choose the diagram that would come next in the series.

diagramme abst 17

Have you found the solution yet? Well done! Otherwise, the solution is available at the end of the article.

Remember that the abstract reasoning test is not a question of intelligence but of learning. Start preparing now. In 2017, ORSEU published a new book on abstract reasoning taking into account these latest changes. You will find in particular 180 brand-new questions including mixed series. Enjoy!

image abst 2017

Answer: B

The end of the spiral indicates the position of the heart in the following diagram. The colour of the heart determines the number of points in the star in the following diagram:

  • White heart: the number of points decreases by 1;
  • Black heart: it increases by 1.

Also, the heart changes colour from odd diagrams to even diagrams. The star changes colour following this rhythm: white, black, black, white, black and therefore black.