Accuracy and precision – is it possible to answer 40 questions in 6 minutes?

Clock and watch concept with time flying away The principle of the EPSO competition accuracy and precision test is simple. Each question consists of two tables that should contain the same information. Candidates must compare the information contained in the two tables and identify any errors that may exist, such as a name spelt incorrectly, reversed figures, inadequate symbols, etc.

Here is an example question. You will find the answer at the end of this article. Accuracy Anglais What errors are there?

a)    Name, telephone and facilities

b)    Name

c)    Telephone and facilities

d)    No errors

e)    Name and telephone

The accuracy and precision test doesn’t require considered thinking. It is based solely on observation. The difficulty of the test lies in the time allowed: candidates must answer 40 questions in 6 minutes, which makes an average of 9 seconds per question! Some might say this is impossible, however…

In fact it only takes a fraction of a second for the image of the two tables to reach the eye and from there, the brain. So, why do we need so much time to spot any errors?

The answer is simple: we think too much! If you were to get a six-year-old child to do the test, he would probably get a better score than you, not because his brain is more agile but because he doesn’t analyse: he sees the errors unquestioningly. This is the key to success: seeing without analysing.

The accuracy and precision test requires a great deal of concentration. To answer the maximum number of questions in 6 minutes, candidates must be able to focus all their attention on observation of the two tables and disregard everything else. This is only possible if you are perfectly calm and relaxed.

The accuracy and precision test therefore assesses candidates’ ability to remain in control of themselves, whatever the circumstances. Stress management techniques, particularly those designed to develop the power of concentration, are very welcome here.

As with the other tests, training is also one of the keys to success.

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Answer: c)