Generalist AD5 competition in Spring 2017

This is EPSO’s announcement mid-February at the 2017 EU Studies Fair. For this competition, no previous experience will be required. So why not take your chance? To be successful, you will have to face three series of tests.

AD5 EN 2017

2017 generalist AD5 competition

Step 1: the preselection tests

Situational judgment is out! This year, there will only be 3 tests in the competition: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and abstract reasoning. Therefore, the selection will be based on logic.

Similarly to previous years, these 3 tests will be taken in language 1 (one of the 24 official languages of the EU).

Date for taking the tests: June-July 2017.

To succeed to the next step, you will need to obtain the requested minimum score for each test and one of the highest cumulative scores for the verbal and abstract reasoning tests. It will all come down to 30 questions, which means each point is crucial.

Number of candidates invited to step 2 = about 15 x number of laureates

So, for example 1 500 candidates if the number of laureates stated in the notice of competition is 100.

 Step 2: the e-tray

Already present in the 2015 AD5 competition, candidates are dreading this test.

Good news: this should soon not be the case anymore. ORSEU has just published a book on the e-tray test present in the EPSO competition!

This year, the candidates will be able to take the exercise in 5 languages (Language 2). Which languages are we talking about? Those which are the most in demand by the EU institutions and the candidates in their registration, so most probably English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Date for taking the e-tray: October 2017

To proceed to the next step, you will have to meet the entry requirements and obtain one of the highest scores in the e-tray. Scores in the reasoning tests are no longer taken into account at this stage.

Number of candidates invited to step 3 = about 2 x number of laureates.

So, for example 200 candidates if the numbers of laureates stated in the notice of competition is 100.

Step 3: the tests in the assessment centre

Similarly to previous years, four tests are present at this stage: one written test (case study) and three oral tests (oral presentation, group exercise and structured interview).

All these tests are taken in language 2 (the same as the one used in the e-tray).

To reach the reserve list, you will have to obtain one of the best cumulative scores at the assessment centre and the e-tray. This shows how important this latter test is!

Start preparing now for the three preselection tests

Be successful at the preselection tests by preparing with our book packs, our face-to-face or online courses as well as our online tests.

Start preparing now for the e-tray exercise

ORSEU has released a book on the e-tray.

Start preparing now for the case study

ORSEU has already published one popular book on this test.