The case study: An approach-based exam above all else

The case study is aimed at all candidates who are invited to take exams in the assessment centre in the AD cycle, AST cycle and specialist competitions.

The case study is a written exam based on a dossier of material. It is usually taken on a computer. The candidate must answer a number of questions based on the information contained in a dossier. The main challenge of the exam lies in the size of the dossier (sometimes more than a dozen documents) and the time allowed to complete it (90 minutes).

The case study evaluates several skills, in particular: analysis and problem solving, delivering quality and results, communicating and, when appropriate, prioritising and organising.

In order to receive the maximum number of points in each skill, the candidate must:

– analyse the questions correctly in order to avoid going off topic;
– quickly identify the most relevant documents and extract key ideas from them;
– structure their answers;
– write in a clear and precise style;
– manage their time properly.

Therefore, knowledge in the field is not enough to pass the exam. Besides, most of the data for the answers can be found in the dossier. Above all, a good methodology must be used.

The new book published by ORSEU is a guide that explains the process to you step-by-step. Using an example case study, it shows you how to develop particular skills and pick up valuable points for the remainder of the tests.