The computer-based testing day

les tests QCM sur ordinateur

Today, you take the MCQ computer-based tests organised by EPSO.
This is how your day should unfold.

  • I go to the test centre

id-cardBefore leaving home, don’t forget to take with you your appointment confirmation email and an ID. These two documents will be requested on arrival. Make sure you arrive 20 minutes before your appointment.


  • I arrive at the test centre

toiletPlease note that once you arrive in the test room, you will not be able to leave the room until the 20-minute break. Therefore, make your arrangements beforehand (drink water, go to the toilets…).

The staff at the test centre will be there to welcome you. You will have to hand them in your appointment confirmation and your ID paper. You will also be requested to sign in the attendance sheet. You will be invited to read the testing centre rules.

lockerYou will have to leave your belongings in a locker, including any tissues. If you need any, you can always ask at the reception desk. The only belongings you can keep with you are your ID card and your locker key. If need be, you can also keep your glasses and your engagement ring.

Like in an airport, you will undersecurity-gatego security checks. You will be asked for your birthdate to make sure it coincides with the one you declared in your registration. You will also be asked to turn pockets inside out and raise your trousers legs. You will then be scanned with a metal detector wand to make sure you are not wearing any unauthorized metal objects.  If you wear glasses, they may also be checked.

Keep calm! The security checks do not take long. Once the checks are done, you can go to the test room. One of the invigilators will take you to your desk and will hand you your equipment: one calculator, two marker pens and two A4 laminated sheets.


  • I arrive in front of my computer

calculatorFirst, check that your name is the one appearing on the computer screen. Then check your equipment is working properly: test the calculator and the marker pens. In some test centres, headphones and earplugs will also be available. If not, don’t hesitate to ask for some.

      Before starting the tests, you can follow a tutorial. This tutorial shows how to navigate through the test and how to choose and modify the answers. It also explains how to mark a question, how to highlight text and how to strikeout answers.


      • I take the tests

For the 2018 AD5 competition, you will take the tests in the following order:

  • Verbal reasoning: 10 questions in 18 minutes
  • Numerical reasoning: 10 questions in 20 minutes
  • Abstract reasoning: 20 questions in 20 minutes
  • Situational judgment: 20 questions in 30 minutes


There is an example of question before each test.

  • I take a break… or not

pauseYou can take a 20-minute break after the numerical reasoning test. This break is optional. During this break, you can either stay at your desk or leave the room. If you decide to leave the room, you will have to sign the attendance sheet once again (once when you leave the room and once when you enter the room again).
You can stop the break at any time. If you leave the room, make sure you are back within 20 minutes. The abstract reasoning test will automatically start once the 20-minute break has ended.


  • I leave the test centre

Once the situational judgment test is finished, you will be prompted to answer a survey. This survey is optional.

Before you leave your desk, follow the last instructions on the screen.  The last screen will be a thank you message.

finish-lineWhen you leave the room, you have to give the equipment back to the invigilator. You will then be able to take back your personal belongings and sign out the attendance sheet for the last time. You can ask for a certificate of attendance.

Please note the procedures at the reception desk and security may change according to the test centre. We took the test in Rue du Commerce in Brussels.

Good luck!