Is verbal reasoning a test of language?

Verbal Reasoning for EU concours

The EPSO competition verbal reasoning test takes place in language 1. Each question consists of a text and four statements. The candidate must choose the statement that can be deduced from the text. Here is an example question. You will find the answer at the end of this article.

Raisonnement verbal fonction publique européenne

Le test de raisonnement verbal des concours EPSO se déroule dans la langue 1. Chaque question est constituée d’un texte et de quatre affirmations. Le candidat doit choisir l’affirmation qui se déduit du texte. Voici un exemple de question. La réponse est donnée à la fin de cet article.

Ragionamento verbale Concorsi europei

La prova di ragionamento verbale dei concorsi EPSO si svolge nella lingua 1. Ogni domanda consiste in un testo e 4 affermazioni. Il candidato deve scegliere l’affermazione riconducibile al testo. Di seguito una domanda esempio. La risposta è a fondo pagina.

Verbal Reasoning for EU concours

Der Test zum sprachlogischen Denken im Rahmen des EPSO Auswahlverfahrens findet in der Sprache 1 statt. Jede Frage besteht aus einem Text und vier Aussagen. Der Bewerber muss die Aussage, die aus dem Text abgeleitet werden kann, auswählen. Hier ist ein Beispiel. Die Antwort wird am Ende dieses Artikels gegeben. 

Verbal Reasoning for EU concours

In Europe, one person in five suffers from chronic pain syndrome (CPS), usually defined as persistent and severe pain lasting more than three to six months. Its origin is very often unknown. CPS can remain obstinately unresponsive to the different forms of treatment. As the treatment cost of CPS can be as much as 3% of Member States’ annual GDP, scientific research could have a significant impact in this field. A new project is under way to combat CPS by exploring and finding out more about the biological mechanisms that cause chronic pain. The project’s main aim is substantial improvement in evidence-based diagnosis and also in treatment.

Which of the following statements is correct?
a) CPS is an important health issue, in terms of both effective treatment and cost.
b) All pain that persists for more than 6 months can be described as CPS.
c) We do not yet know why 20% of Europeans suffer from CPS.
d) CPS is persistent and severe pain for which no treatment exists.

The verbal reasoning test is not a test of knowledge. Candidates must base their answer solely on the information provided in the text. Verbal reasoning is therefore a test of logic. A good knowledge of the language is required, but it’s not essential to know absolutely every term used in order to find the correct answer. To be successful in the test, candidates must, above all, learn to:
–        decide in each case whether or not a statement can be deduced from the text;
–        identify quickly the statements that are most likely to be the correct answer;
–        analyse a statement and identify key words that might constitute traps;
–        read a text selectively so as to focus quickly on the most relevant parts of the text;
–        manage their time properly. These principles apply, whatever the language chosen.

ORSEU Competitions instructs you in them through its ORSEU books, ORSEU courses and ORSEU online tests. Answer: a)