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Preparing for EPSO competitions with ORSEU Concours


ORSEU Concours offers you various learning tools to prepare for European competitions.
They are all complementary and created for the computer-based tests and for the case study.


Our books cover all the computer-based tests as well as the case study.
They explain the methodology to answer all questions correctly in the allocated time. They contain many tests to confront theory and practice, followed by a detailed correction.

Our books are a great tool to learn an effective method and to study at your own rhythm.


Our courses give you the basics of the methodology followed by corrected test questions.
You can choose from our various course options: face-to-face, distance (webinar) and online (videos).
Our face-to-face and distance training courses are perfect to ask any questions to our trainer. Our online trainings are available anytime on our website.

Our expert trainers’ advice allows you to correct your mistakes and gain in confidence.


With our online tests, you can practise in conditions very similar to the ones at the competitions in terms of interface, instructions, and timing.

Our online tests are the best tool to assess yourself in the conditions of the competition and sit the computer-based tests with serenity.