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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Article 1: Preamble

These Terms and Conditions of Sale apply exclusively between ORSEU, a simplified joint stock company (SAS) with a capital of 50 000 euros, registered in Lille Companies Register under: 483 777 827 RCS LILLE – NAF Code 732Z – intraCommunity VAT no.: FR93483777827, registered office: 3 rue Bayard, 59000 Lille, France – telephone: +33 (0)3 20 47 88 00 – email : (hereafter known as "ORSEU" or "We/Us") and any non-professional purchaser (hereafter known as "the Client") wishing to purchase the products offered for sale by ORSEU on its website: (hereafter known as "the Site").
The Terms and Conditions of Sale may be consulted on the Site. You are able to save them and/or print them.
As the Terms and Conditions of Sale may be subject to change, the conditions applicable are those in force on the Site on the date your order is placed.
These Terms and Conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions and, specifically, to those applicable to sales in shops or by means of other distribution and marketing channels.
Unless there is evidence to the contrary, the data recorded by ORSEU constitutes the proof of all transactions.
Product offers are subject to available stock. Details of product availability are provided at the time the order is placed.
Confirmation of the order by the Client is deemed to be acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale without reservation.

Article 2: Nature of products and prices

On our Site, we present the products and services we offer together with detailed descriptions so that you are informed of their essential nature before placing a firm order.
The prices shown on the Site are in accordance with Act no. 81-766 of 10 August 1981 on book prices and are given by default in euros inclusive of all French taxes (French VAT and other applicable taxes), excluding any delivery charges. In accordance with article 34 of the 2006/112/CE directive of 28 November 2006 and with the council implementing regulation (EU)  No 1042/2013 of 7 October 2013, the price shown may vary when the Client chooses a countru of delivery other than France.

If the VAT rate has recently been altered, these changes will be reflected in the prices of the goods concerned without the Client receiving prior notification.

We reserve the right to alter prices at any time but the goods will be invoiced on the basis of the tariffs in force on the Site at the time of confirmation of order, as shown on the invoice.

Article 3: Ordering

You acknowledge that you are 18 or over and have the legal capacity to place an order on the Site.
The Client may place an order on the website on any day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The ordering process is as follows:
• choose the items and add them to your shopping basket;
• confirm the basket contents;
• enter your ID on the website, if not already done;
• choose the delivery method, if required;
• choose the method of payment and accept the Terms and Conditions of Sale;
• confirm the payment.
The Client will receive an email confirming the order.
At the different stages, the Client will be able to view the order details and the total price and to correct any errors before confirming the order as an expression of his/her agreement.
The sale will not be considered final until after the Client has been sent confirmation of acceptance of the order by ORSEU via email.
We reserve the right to cancel or refuse any order placed by a Client with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order or who, in our view, may present some form of risk.
All orders are deemed to constitute acceptance of the prices and descriptions of the items available for sale.
Under Article L. 114-1 of the French Consumer Code, the Client may withdraw from the sales contract by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt if the delivery date is exceeded by more than seven (7) days for reasons other than force majeure. This contract is, where necessary, deemed to be terminated on receipt of the letter by which the Client notifies us of his/her decision, if delivery does not take place between this letter being sent and received. The Client may exercise this right within a period of sixty (60) working days from the delivery date given.
ORSEU undertakes to honour the orders received on the Site only insofar as stock is available. If one or more of the items ordered is not available, ORSEU undertakes to inform the Client within fifteen (15) days of the order being placed and, if necessary, to reimburse the Client within thirty (30) days at the latest of the payment being made. The Client's order will then be automatically cancelled.
ORSEU undertakes to send the order within fifteen (15) days of full receipt of payment.
After confirmation of your order, if you wish to cancel or alter it, you must contact us on +33 (0)
We will deal with your request according to whether or not the items have been dispatched.
The website is designed for the general public and is not intended to sell the items offered in large quantities. We therefore reserve the right to refuse orders that are abnormal in nature and which, under the terms of Article L. 122-1 of the French Consumer Code, represent a legitimate reason for refusal to sell. Orders for the same item in large quantities, ie in excess of five (5) identical items, may therefore be deemed to be abnormal.

Article 4: Transport and delivery costs

Transport costs, where applicable, are linked to current postal rates. The costs are fixed and linked to the weight of the order.
Transport costs will vary according to the geographical delivery area. Transport costs will be calculated during the ordering process and before payment. See our price grid for an idea of cost.
All additional customs clearance costs will be the responsibility of the Client; we have no control over these costs.
Items are delivered to the delivery address indicated on the Site during the ordering process and not to the delivery address indicated when paying by Paypal, if these addresses are different.
In the event of a "not known at this address" notification, a package "unclaimed" from the delivery service, or a package "refused" at the time of delivery: after receipt and acceptance of the package, ORSEU will make contact with the Client to send their order again if the item is still available or to refund the order if the Client so wishes. ORSEU reserves the right to refund the order and not to resend the item. Except in the case of Client withdrawal, ORSEU reserves the right to refund only the price of the items concerned.
We must be notified of any order not received within a maximum period of sixty (60) working days so that we can make enquiries with the delivery service concerned.
Risk of loss and damage of ourproducts will be transferred on delivery and receipt of the said items by the Client.

Article 5: Payment

You may pay for your order by payment card or by Paypal. Cards issued by banks domiciled outside France must be international bank cards.
Your card is debited on the day of your order.
Goods delivered will remain our property until such time as you have fulfilled all your obligations towards us and, in particular, until full payment of the order.

Pursuant to article L.441.6 of the French Commercial Code, failure to make full payment of an invoice by its due date will result in penalties for late payments equal to an annual rate of 20% and a lump sum compensation of €40 for recovery expenses.

Article 6: Security

All bank transactions take place in a secure environment using SHA1 encryption to ensure secure transfers between and your bank.

Article 7: Returns and cancellations

In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 121-20 of the French Consumer Code, the Client has a cooling off period of seven (7) working days from delivery of the goods to return these to ORSEU for the purpose of exchange or refund, providing that the goods are returned to the address given at the start of these General Conditions of Sale, in their original packaging and in perfect condition, within seven (7) days of delivery. Damaged, dirty or incomplete items are not accepted. Such items will be returned to the Client at ORSEU's expense but without the Client being entitled to any compensation or refund, except where later exercising his/her warranty rights on the goods sold.
If the right to withdrawal is exercised within the aforementioned period, only the price of the items purchased and the delivery costs will be reimbursed; the return costs remain your responsibility.
Any items returned must be accompanied by the invoice.
Exchange (subject to availability) or refund will be made within fifteen (15) days of receipt by ORSEU of the items returned by the Client.
Under Article L. 121-20-2 of the French Consumer Code, you may not exercise your right of withdrawal in the case of online tests or for e-learning modules.
ORSEU must be notified in writing (email or post) of any request to cancel registration for a training course (face-to-face, e-learning or webinar) at least ten (10) days before the start of the training. In such a case, any request for cancellation will be free of cost. If cancellation occurs less than ten (10) days before the start of the training, ORSEU reserves the right to retain the full cost of the training activity. Requests for replacement training will be considered at any time. If the number of participants is insufficient, ORSEU reserves the option to postpone or cancel a session within a period of two (2) days prior to the training.
If your item reaches you in poor condition, contact us at our email address - - and we will explain the process to follow to return your items to us and exchange them or refund the cost.

Article 8: Guarantees and liability

In accordance with legal requirements, all our products are covered by:
• a legal guarantee of conformity;
• a legal guarantee against hidden defects arising from defective materials, design or manufacture affecting the products supplied and rendering them unfit for use.
Any warranty is excluded in case of improper use, negligence or inadequate maintenance by the Client, as is normal wear and tear, accident or force majeure, and our guarantee is limited to the replacement or refunding of non-compliant or defective products.
We undertake to act with all reasonable and customary care and attention in providing the service offered to the Client. Nevertheless, we cannot be held liable in the event of failure to fulfil our contractual obligations due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure as defined in French law.
We cannot be held liable in the event of immaterial differences between the photos of items shown on our Site, texts and illustrations and the items ordered. We use every means at our disposal to provide the services that form the object of these Terms and Conditions of Sale. We are liable for any direct damage foreseeable at the time of use of the Site or at the time of conclusion of the sales contract between Us and You.

Article 9: Personal Data Protection

We reserve the right to collect data, notably through the use of cookies, as this is necessary to deal with your requests.
In accordance with the French Act on data protection and freedom of 6/01/1978, amended by the Act of 6 August 2004, we have made a declaration regarding the processing of this personal information to the CNIL (French National Data Protection and Freedom Commission) under no. 1611641.
In accordance with Article 34 of this Act, the Client has the right to access, change, rectify and remove data relating to him/her. Site users may change their personal information directly under the "My Account" heading on our Site. They may remove personal data by mail by giving their surname, forename and address and the email address used for their registration on our Site.

Article 10: Intellectual Property, Reproduction and Rediffusion

The entire content (texts, commentaries, books, illustrations, images, etc) posted on the Site is reserved worldwide under copyright and under intellectual property law. Consequently, and in accordance with the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code, only private use is permitted, subject to other more restrictive provisions imposed by the French Intellectual Property Code. All other use constitutes an act of infringement and is punishable under intellectual property law, except where prior authorisation is given.
No right to reproduce in any form whatsoever (photocopying, scanning, digital copying) is included with purchase other than that of a single copy intended strictly for personal use.
Each Client has an account which is strictly personal to him/her. Therefore, the rediffusion of information or distribution of access codes is strictly prohibited and constitutes an act of infringement.
Each Client therefore agrees to refrain from reproducing, distributing, summarising, changing or altering any item, title, online test, e-learning module, information or illustration published on the Site without our prior written authorisation. The Client shall expressly refrain from allowing third parties to use ORSEU's services by any means whatsoever, either free of charge or in return for consideration.
Violation of these mandatory provisions renders the offender and all persons responsible subject to the criminal and civil penalties provided for by law.
These Terms and Conditions apply to all ORSEU content and services, irrespective of how they are marketed.

Article 11: Proof

The computerised records stored in our computer systems under reasonable conditions of security will be considered as proof of the communications, orders and payments that take place between the parties concerned. Order forms and invoices are archived on reliable and durable media that may be produced as evidence.

Article 12: Customer Relations

For any questions, information or claims, please contact us:
- By email:
- By post: ORSEU, 3 rue Bayard, 59000 Lille, France
- By telephone: +33 (0)3 20 47 88 00.

Article 13: Applicable Law

These conditions are subject to French law.

Article 14: Pre-contractual Information – Client Acceptance

The Client acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions of Sale and all information and data referred to under Article L. 121-19 of the French Consumer Code have been communicated to him/her in a clear, comprehensible manner prior to conclusion of the contract and, in particular:
• the principal characteristics of the services offered, to the extent appropriate to the communication medium used and the services concerned;
• the identity of the trader (business name, geographical address of the establishment and telephone number);
• the total price of the services, including all taxes or, where the price cannot reasonably be calculated in advance due to the nature of the service, the price calculation method and, if applicable, all additional costs or, where these costs cannot reasonably be calculated in advance, notification that these costs may be payable;
• where necessary, the methods of payment, execution and the date on which ORSEU undertakes to execute the service and the methods used for dealing with claims;
• reminder of the legal guarantee of service conformity, the existence of after-sales service and commercial guarantees, where applicable, and the conditions pertaining thereto;
• the duration of the contract, if applicable, or, if the contract is one of unlimited duration or automatically renewable, the conditions governing termination of the contract.