For over 20 years, we have been helping candidates prepare for selection tests.

As experts in public service exams for the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg, we have developed a unique methodology for each test and many corrected exercises based on actual tests.


To feel confident when taking competition tests, it is important to proceed in stages. First, you need to assimilate the methodology. Our books and courses are designed specifically for this. Secondly, you need to practise under exam conditions and assess your progress. This is the role of our online tests. By combining our various tools, you will maximise your chances of success.


We monitor test developments closely.

We take exams regularly so that we can keep you informed of any changes, provide you with appropriate recommendations and adapt our products accordingly.

Customer care

We make it a priority to provide you with personalised, prompt responses to any questions you may have about the competitions and our products.

Transparency, empathy, and commitment to excellence are our driving values.

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Our books and courses provide a comprehensive overview of each test. We explain what the assessors expect from you, and the procedure to follow to answer the questions correctly within the given timeframes.

Develop automatic responses

Start preparing now. Take time to assimilate the methodology by working at your own pace on the questions provided in our books and courses.

Practise online

With our online tests you can self-assess using an interface similar to the one in your exam. All our tests are timed and come with detailed corrections. Our online questions are different from those in the books and courses.


By understanding and then practising regularly, you will make rapid progress. The detailed correction of our online tests helps you to go on improving throughout your learning journey. Our customers can vouch for the quality of our tools. Read what they have to say.

ORSEU Concours

20 years of expertise dedicated to your success in public service selection tests! 

ORSEU Concours is an expert in public service selection tests for the EU (EPSO), Belgium (Selor), Luxembourg (Govjobs) and Ireland (publicjobs). With over 20 years’ experience, we develop methods to help candidates master psychometric tests (verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and abstract reasoning) and work-related scenario tests (situational judgment, e-tray exercise, file test, case study and interviews). We have created complementary products (books, courses and online tests) to help you achieve success in your public service recruitment exam. 

Our core values: commitment, relevance, responsiveness 

Every year, thousands of candidates put their trust in us, and we take pride in helping them prepare for their competition exams. 

ORSEU Concours – your partner in success

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